Hers is what “gigs” I have done over the years. In the early 80s I play for President Raglan. In my Fathers 17 piece big band that I played in for over 10 years until my Father passed away in 1990. Later I formed the rock band Wolf-Spider! In 1996 that has gone on to be known as the official Rock Band for ESPN Sports Talk Radio with Tony Kornheiser from 1998 – 2003 Also playing the Milwaukee metal fest in 99 and 2000 at Bruce Hall in The Milwaukee auditorium in front of over 20,000 people.

And head lining for the band The Brain Surgeons with former drummer from Blue Ouster Cult, as well as opening for rock legends Britney Foxx. Wolf-Spider! Has to date recorded 7 CD’s including the latest “The Promise Land” and all are available on iTunes and is played world wide including London England on the BBC as well as Australia and Japan..

I also played at the legendary CBGB's Rock Club in New York City in July of 2001, putting me in a special class of musicians that had the privilege to play there before it was finally closed forever.

I guess I could think of more. I just wanted you to know. "My music is more then just a hobby, it's my life".