The executioner.

The time is near

the day has come

you live in fear

your life is done

you’ve waited for years

for this day

now you have

nothing to say?

the lives you took

you knew not a name

your sole lives on

in eternal shame

you ask for forgiveness

you will not receive

you cry out

but no one hears your plea

The executioner

He’s coming for you

The executioner

He’s coming for you

They come for you

you begin to shake

you twist your body

but you do not wake

it's not a dream

you start to cry

you start to scream

because today you die!

The executioner

He’s coming for you

In a very short time

your flesh will turn blue

you wear a mask

you see no light

you here a crash

you can not fight!!

The executioner

He has come for you

The executioner

His job is through.

Written By Joe D'Angelo ( Wolf-Spider! ® )

© 2001 all Rights Reserved.