I think people are missing the point all together about the fact that Gnome 2 is dead. I like Gnome 2 and will never give it up. I see that gnome 3 is a great desktop, no NOT a desktop environment.  A GUI yes, Desktop NO! Not only that but the little things that I got used to. That cool right click on the desktop that brought up my menu for, say creating a new file. The really nice bar that I put at the bottom. And lets not forget the Gnome configuration tools. I could go on and on. I never used the eye candy so it did not effect me at all. XFCE you say. Yes I tried it, I liked it, I almost switched to it early on. It's not Gnome 2. And never will be. I guess I will be forced to be a KDE user after all. KDE is cool. I tried it and it seemed OK, but Gnome, It really hit the mark. Not anymore. I'm going to have to do some real sole searching if I'm going to continue being a Linux user. As far as I'm concerned, Gnome 3 could put the nails on the coffin for Linux ever being taken as a real OS. Linus Torvalds, Please HELP!!!


I'm sick and tired of the horseshit I'm reading about the fall back mode for Gnome 3. Gnome 3 is a completely different GUI. It's NOT a Desktop at all. If you really want a desktop that works well I suggest you start getting used to KDE. Gnome 2 is dead and it's not coming back.


I'm sorry I just do not get it. I have been tinkering with KDE for a few days now and I still can't get it to work as well as Gnome 2. WTF were they thinking? I'm sure that after a couple of months of hard hacking I would get it down. But why fix something that WAS NOT broken? Gnome 2 works so well with the twin view or the separate x screens with my Nvidia card, just to name a few. I really will miss it when the time comes. I highly recommend NOT upgrading past openSUSE 11.3 until you have to if you are a Gnome user. And even then I would think along the lines of XFCE or ICE. Maybe LXDE It's a start. If you do go to KDE, Lots of luck, really!!!


If you are considering trying Linux for the first time and have decided to use the gnome 3 desktop, Don't. I would suggest you try Ubuntu. They have taken the new Gnome 3 and tweaked it up and call it unity. It's better. It will more likely support the 3D. Other options are to use the Ubuntu long term support or download a copy of openSUSE 11.1 or 11.2 There is extended support for these versions and should still be on the web for download. Both of these versions use the older Gnome 2.x desktop that was in my opinion the very best desktop ever. Or just use KDE.