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Do you think Windows and Mac are all there is?
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PC DOES NOT mean Windows. The term or acronym PC today commonly refers to an IBM / Intel hardware architecture that has been used for many years by several other operating systems, UNIX was one of the first. In fact, PC just means Personal Computer, So I geuss you could say that an Apple Computer is also a PC. Just as Apple/Mac uses their own architecture to run Mac OS X, a PC can run any operating system made for it. Linux provides a vast variety of architecture compatibility, including i386, i586 and i686 (aka) PC or IBM / Intel.
There are other choices!
Don't let anyone tell you different, it's just not so!
openSUSE is a Linux computer operating system developed by Novell

Click here to see my Gnome 2.x Desktop running on openSUSE 11.3

Now  a  fork  of  Gnome 2  called  MATE

Better now to choose KDE if installing Linux for the firsr time.

Click Here for my blog about Gnome v2.x  vs.  v3.x

Other flavors of Linux that run well on most computers:

The Long Term Support version is the best choice for enterprise critical work. It has the best stability and longer support.

Download Ubuntu

fedoraFedora from Red Hat Red Hat

The Slackware ProjectSlackware

Linux Mint Linux Mint

Debain LinuxDebain Linux

Foresight Linux
StartCom Linux
StartCom Linux

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For all the latest Linux news, be sure to check out

Distro Watch

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Click here to see my Gnome Desktop running on openSUSE 11.3
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This page was last updated on  12 / 19 / 2012